Install a home virtualizzation server

I had the need to perform a few different tasks, such as monitoring solar panels, download torrents/emule,  run vpn servers, aggregate two different ADSL connections, share media files, backup data.

I decided to build my own mini-server to host all the services needed to meet my requirements.

I preferred to build a virtualizzation server, and than install multiple OSes. This choice partially derives from me having already 3 different OS installations on two old PCs. I migrated these on the new server as virtual machines.

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Corfù (Kerkyra)

Corfù (Kerkyra) is a greek island located in the south of the Adriatic Sea. here the climate is mediterranean, more rainy than greek islands average, thus the vegetation is abbundant, with olive trees and conifers.

I visited this island at the end of may 2016. The weather was always sunny, temperatures in range 23-26 °C during the day, and 17-18 °C by night (in Paleokastritsa)


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