Fuerteventura Sur – Playa de Cofete (Mountain Bike)

A trip to Fuerteventura – October 2016


Playa de Cofete

Cofete is a large and wild beach located on the North coast of the Jandia peninsula. You only options to get there are a dirty road or paths.

By car it takes about 1 hour and more than 18km of dirty road from Jandia.

By bike you can follow the road to Cofete, then take the road below:


It leads you in the Burranco de Las Damas/Gran valle, up to a pass that separate the north from the south coast. You can even go there by foot, it is “only” an 11km walk back and forth.

First part of the path to Cofete: Burranco de Las Damas / Gran Valle

If you decide to go there by bike, please note that is a difficult road. not dangerous, but depending on your skill, you may have to get off the bike for 2/4km of the total. At the top of the hill, you’re likely to find a strong wind. It rised my bike and moved it, so be careful. But 100m over the top everything gets easier.

From the top. looking back (south)
From the top. looking back towards Gran Valle (south). You can see the path we had to bike on.
From the top, lookinf forward towards Cofete beach.
From the top, looking forward towards Cofete beach.

It took us 2 hours 10 minutes to get there, and 1h and 30 to come back. We started biking from the beginning of the path. We went there by car, with bikes (rented from Orlando Bike rent – good bikes, very cheap, 8€ per day) in the trunk.

The path descendig towards Cofete.
The path descendig towards Cofete.

The streams are strong in Cofete, if you want to go for a swim be very careful. A few km along the coast, there is a small peninsula, “Lo Islote”; here you can find a more quiet zone.

Lights and shadows

More pictures at http://www.fotovallescrivia.it/vscrivia/fotografie-Spiagge_di_Fuerteventura/Immagini.aspx?pg=PhotoPreview&Album=18



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