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Fuerteventura Sur – Matorral (Jandia) – Punta Jandia

A trip to Fuerteventura – October 2016


Matorral – Faro de Jandia (Jandia Lighthouse)

Please note that is not – Faro de Punta Jandia.

This beach is reachable by foot from Jandia and Morro Jable. It is a long  strip of sand that starts in Morro Jable, where it is very  likely to find no wind, and continues for kilometers and get larger and larger. Next to the Jandia lighthouse it usually gets windy.

Jandia beach and lighthouse
Jandia beach and lighthouse

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Fuerteventura Sur – Mal Nombre

A trip to Fuerteventura – October 2016

Beaches in the South:

Mal Nombre

You can reach this beach by car, in ten minutes from Jandia lighthouse. Just take the coast road heading north, and you’ll find a narrow road on your right, follow the sign “Mal Nombre”.


A dirty road, but you can go on it with almost any car. You can then walk for kilometers in each direction, and enjoy the scenery.

Mal Nombre beach
Mal Nombre beach, quiet with some sunbeds..


Sandy beach, Mal nombre
… but with more secluded areas.

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